Surface Diving

Surface Diving is a core activity at KD Marine. We are specialists in providing underwater intervention solutions in hazardous environments such as from offshore installations and FPSOs while in full production.

We have a range of multi skilled surface diving personnel at our disposal from a pool of experienced divers that we have worked with over the years. We ensure that all the personnel used are trained on our equipment and are briefed on our management systems to minimise the potential for issues during our projects.

Depending on the nature of the project we can offer our surface diving spread in different ways. Surface diving can be directly from a diving support vessel (DSV) where the LARS (launch and recovery system) gives divers access to the water from the vessel. When positioning a large DSV near the installation is not a viable option we can dive from the installation itself.

If there is an issue with deck space on the installation we can use our over the side platform, when space, persons on board and access is an issue KD Marines custom designed Daughter Craft can be used.

During our offshore installation based diving, we employ EAD (Equivalent Air Depth) decompression methods and nitrox breathing medium. No decompression penalties are incurred and operations remain within PFEER (Prevention of Fire Explosion and Emergency Response) regulations yet diver bottom times remain optimum.

Specification Sheet