Subsea Intervention Daughter Craft

KD Marine’s Daughter Craft DC01 and DC02 provide an enhanced and highly efficient access system for diving or ROV intervention around offshore production facilities.

They also allow conversion of normally non-diving DP2 vessels to a diving support role therefore provide better availability and significant cost benefits to our customers.  The SIDC is a perfect option when access to the work area, deck space on the installation and accommodation for our personnel are an issue.

Due to their size and weight the SIDC can also be moored to an installations support structure without fear of damaging them, this also means that they can be positioned underneath the installation and access areas that are inaccessible with other methods.

The SIDC can moor up to FPSOs without the need for hold back tugs and can be safely positioned under overhangs and adjacent to in service production assets.

As the SIDC and equipment is brought to the field onboard a vessel it will be able to house our personnel therefore leaving valuable bed space for our clients personnel.

In combination with diving from a DSV, clients installation or with the addition of a second SIDC, multiple work faces may be accessed simultaneously which will improve efficiency.

Specification Sheet