Around the corner from our offices at Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen, you will find our workshop which houses our 6 Surface Diving Systems and 3 Daughter Craft spreads.

The workshop staff are the ones that keep KD running.  The facility is managed by the Equipment Manager and 7 staff who ensure that the maintenance and testing of the KDM equipment pool , purchasing, and logistics movements are carried out in line with client requirements and the required industry codes and standards .  

The facility is over 6800sqft and is fully equipped with 3 overhead cranes and the required facilities to conduct all maintenance and testing needed on the diving plant.  The workshop serves as the technical hub of the KDM organisation.

It’s ideally situated for every quayside in Aberdeen Harbour and access is provided via our 18' sliding doors.

Find us at 35 York Place, Aberdeen, AB11 5FW.