Installation Based Diving

As diving contractor we are comfortable performing directly from an installation whether that is a fixed platform, drilling rig or an FPSO.

To address one particular FPSO based application, we developed an Over Side Platform allowing diving to be conducted all around the installation with a minimal footprint and risk impact. This allowed us to utilise the small amount of deck space that was available during that project. The platform can also be moved to different sides of the FPSO depending on where the work needs to be carried out.

We have gone on to use this method on many of our operations and it is a perfect option for when over side access is limited.

Our surface diving systems embody over 40 years of knowledge and experience in providing diving services on offshore installations. The systems maintain a high standard of safety and reliability yet, have a minimal foot print and interface requirement with the installation.

KD Marine own and operate four complete surface diving systems each of which are A60 Zone II rated.

During our offshore installation based diving, we employ EAD (Equivalent Air Depth) decompression methods and nitrox breathing medium. No decompression penalties are therefore incurred and operations remain within PFEER (Prevention of Fire Explosion and Emergency Response) regulations, yet provides effective bottom time.