Investing in the Future

KD Marine has made an investment in their future with the purchase of assets from Global Energy company Vertech.

The sale, for an undisclosed amount, includes a nitrox diving system and a daughter craft system.  It is KD Marine’s intention to retain these assets and add them to their existing fleet, increasing their air diving capabilities.

The Nitrox Dive System comprises of 3 offshore containers which can be mobilised for offshore Diving operations onto a suitable vessel or clients asset.  The Daughter Craft system has been designed to be stable in significant wave height with its own single davit launch and recovery system making mobilisations efficient and cost effective.  It is also the first Daughter Craft to have had its hull designed and built specifically for diving operations.

KD Marine’s Managing Director Hamish Petersen said  “The addition of these assets to our existing fleet means that we will be able to provide an even greater service to our existing client base.  We are encouraged by the continuing signs of market recovery and feel that the time is right to increase our capabilities.”

KD Marine has a long history of air diving services in the North Sea and is continually adapting to market conditions to allow for further success and a sustainable future. 

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